Reverend Mary Gay is a minister of the Gospel: a gifted teacher of the Word used by God to proclaim the message of Victory, through the full and finished work of Calvary. She is an international speaker of various churches and conferences throughout the body if Christ. For many years Rev. Gay directed a citywide prayer group, which touched the nation through it's monthly newsletter and conferences. Simultaneously, she traveled extensively sharing the Word to a multitude of Women's Aglow chapters, both at home and abroad. Prior to the preceding ministries, God used her as a missionary to children and teens. Many were saved, healed, delivered and are today making an impact as they serve the Lord in the capacity of Preachers, Teachers, Christian Lawyers, and Doctors etc.

Graduating from Philadelphia Biblical University, Rev. Gay became and instructor at the Manna Bible Institute. As doors continued to open, many people were edified by her radio broadcast. Today, she has a weekly television ministry that is very effective in Philadelphia and beyond. Rev. Gay is the author of several books: Wartime Strategy for End Time Warriors, Nuggets of Gold for Fiery Trials, Glorify the Lord in the Fire and Walking in Truth One Day at a Time.

Rev. Gay is a joyous, spirit-filled child of our Lord who sows seeds of life and healing, spreading the sweet-smelling fragrance of Jesus wherever she goes.

Rev. Gay is a member of the True Light Fellowship Church in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.